Ernestomeda is LEED Compliant Ernestomeda is LEED Compliant

Ernestomeda is LEED Compliant

Ernestomeda kitchens now comply with the LEED rating system, an international form of certification that assesses and certifies the building’s sustainability.
With “EMvironment”, Ernestomeda has created a project for industrial development sustainable in all respects, including waste disposal, noise pollution, the control of atmospheric emissions, wastewater outflows, the production of energy using photovoltaic panels and every single factor that leads to an intelligent, eco-oriented approach.
Ernestomeda has always worked to protect the future of your environment.
Reflecting its ceaseless innovation in Ecosustainability, Ernestomeda has acquired LEED Compliant status, proving that the materials used for the manufacture of its kitchens have low volatile organic compound (VOC: Volatile organic compounds) emissions and therefore meet the LEED prerequisite on indoor pollution.

LEED (acronym of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), developed in the United States by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is an international certification system that assesses and certifies buildings’ overall environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Leed certifies the quality of the entire building in terms of its ecosustainability.When furnishings such as a fitted kitchen conform to the prerequisites of the Leed regualtions, they are “Leed compliant”
Furniture can be considered LEED Compliant when it is manufactured using materials with low emissions of compounds harmful for human health, such as benzene, styrene, formaldehyde and other substances.

The achievement of these standards is a fundamental prerequisite for improving air quality in the buildings where they are applied, and thus the wellbeing of their users.
Ernestomeda: VOCation for wellbeing.
Ernestomeda has been rated compliant with the LEED standards by Cosmob, one of the few organisations in Europe, and the only one in Italy, accredited for the performance of tests to assess the volatile organic compound (VOC) emission of the materials used for the manufacture of furniture and fitted kitchens, such as adhesives and coatings. Ernestomeda has been rated as “Indoor Hi-Quality”, proving that its kitchens are LEED Compliant with regard to low indoor pollutant emissions.

This rating not only provides value-added for the end user but is also a guarantee for all those who design, construct and then use environments built with an ecosustainable approach. For Ernestomeda, being LEED Compliant is a major achievement, reaching beyond visible characteristics of design and materials, which represents a new frontier for safety in the kitchen. (U.S. Greeb Building Council) (Green Building Council Italia) (COSMOB - Centro Tecnologico settore Legno - Arredo)